Tom Roger about the making of "Alle"

As a songwriter I usually work within the scope that the images will be created in the mind of the reader/listener. But when you work in a visual medium, you must choose which images the audience shall have. Herein lie both possibilities and limitations, and it was an interesting experience doing a music video of my song «Alle».

Director Thomas Mortveit and I have collaborated on several occasions before. He visited me in South Africa when I was writing my «Fløyel og stål» album, and made a mini documentary about the process. For «Alle», Thomas brought in photographer Edgar Bachel, and together we decided to make a somewhat dark video, but also with a sense of humour.

We had the great luck of getting Norwegian actor Jørgen Langhelle (Ulvesommer, Elling) in the leading role. Jørgen plays the «king of the hill» heading for a fall in the video, and did a marvellous job. To me, it was interesting noticing the similarities and differences between music and acting. Timing and precision of expression are important to both. I found it liberating not having to «play myself», as you do in a way when you’re a performer.

We shot the entire video in my old hometown Haugesund, and received much appreciated help and assistance from the local community. The police, the hospital, artists, bloggers, extras, chefs, shop owners and many others contributed. «Couldn’t have done it without you» really goes for this video!

Every project leaves you with its own set of memories. In the bingo hall scene, Jørgen hits me with a frozen salmon, and I remember being worried that the fish wouldn’t thaw in time for the shooting. More amusing in hindsight than it was then and there. But the salmon was sufficiently soft when I took the blow that I lived to tell the story. See the result of it all for yourself!