“Skyer” features on album of the year lists

Øyvind Rønning, music reviewer for Dagbladet, has “Skyer” on his top 10 list for album of the year and writes: “Dylan interpreter and lately lyricist for Hellbillies. But he also stands on his own with his brilliant lyrics, and on album number ten he affirms his position as one of our finest folk rockers with a hint of pop.”

Journalist Erik Valebrokk has “Skyer” on number seven among this year’s ten best albums and explaines: “The two album sides are conceived as independent in the sense that they have their separate expressions, but to me, they merge to a perfect unity.”

Gubberock has “Skyer” on fourth place and writes: “Tom Roger Aadland is a songwriter and poet of the finest brand. He moves effortlessly between catchy, rough rock and beautiful ballads.”