Photo: Edgar G. Bachel

About the making of "Har du hatt den kjensla"

Har du hatt den kjensla (Have You Had That Feeling)
Sometimes you know in a flash the outline of an entire song, after “hearing” just a few words or notes. “Har du hatt den kjensla” was that kind of song. A journalist recently asked me if I find songwriting easy or difficult. I discovered that I could answer neither “it’s easy” nor “it’s difficult”. I think of songwriting more like a piece of land I have to cross in order to get to the song. The landscape and the distance of this journey varies.

Musically, we could do this song in (at least) two ways. We could record it as a sentimental country song (not at all wrong) or we could do more of a monumental rock version. We went for the latter.