Photo: Thomas Mortveit

Great reviews for ‘Skyer’

“Vivid, honest, beautiful, strong and personal … Aadland’s finest so far”
6/6 – The Wilhelmsens

“Inspired, playful … ‘Skyer’ is Tom Roger Aadland’s best record”
6/6 – Erik Valebrokk

“Art of balance on the highest level”
6/6 – Tysvær Bygdeblad

“Tom Roger Aadland is a Norwegian musical treasure”
5/6 – Stereo+

“On this record Aadland is both gentle and rough, showing more facets of himself as an artist and songwriter”
5/6 – Knutobloggen

“Rock solid … with brilliant lyrics”
Øyvind Rønning (music reviewer for Dagbladet)

“A brilliant songwriter”
Vårt Land

“‘Ikkje der du leite’ is among his most quiet and most beautiful songs so far”

“Among this year’s best … Aadland is a songwriter and poet of the finest brand”

“‘Normalia’ – the strongest political statement in Norwegian pop and rock in a very long time”

“As long as debutants and veterans offer quality, rock will not die”
Dag og Tid

“A monument in dialect rock”