Photo: Thomas Mortveit

Great reviews for ‘Skyer’

“Everything about the new album seems extremely well worked through, at the same time as it appears inspired, playful and partly spontaneous. The arrangements vary in expression, but are always guided by Tom Roger’s good melodies and of course also the lyrics…‘Skyer’ is Tom Roger Aadland’s best record”
6/6 – Erik Valebrokk «Mitt liv som Erik»

“Why not start with an album that surely will be on many lists when this year’s best Norwegian album shall be chosen…Shortly summarized: Utterly solid folk pop, rock and americana with brilliant lyrics, performed by a great selection of good musicians”
Øyvind Rønning (music reviewer for Dagbladet)

“There is a diversity, a flow of language, and stories that just scream for those good melodies. And when he also has that ability, no doubt supported by his fantastic band, well, then we’re talking top score…They come so frequently, the pearls of wisdom, the guitar riffs, the solos and the singing…this is art of balance on the highest level”
6/6 – Tysvær Bygdeblad

“On this record, Aadland is both gentle and sharp in the edges, showing more facets of himself as an artist and songwriter”
5/6 – Knutobloggen

“Tom Roger Aadland has long been our foremost Bob Dylan interpreter. But also shown himself as a brilliant songwriter in his own right…With catchy guitar-based rock, and equally unpolished folk and pop, he delivers his most melodious and accessible album so far”
Vårt Land