Photo: Edgar G. Bachel

Photo: Edgar G. Bachel

Motgift reviews

“A brilliant storyteller who wraps his fine lyrics in exciting music”

“The best Aadland has ever done – including the critically acclaimed Dylan albums…At times he’s reminiscent of a Norwegian Cohen, balancing between daily life and mythology, Jokke and Homer”

“Prescription free cure for hurt… If we ever needed an antidote, it is now. Here are ten doses”
Stavanger Aftenblad

“Tom Roger Aadland is better than ever before on his ninth album… ‛Motgift’ is a strong cure against indifference and superficiality”
Vårt Land

“This country’s finest Dylan interpreter delivers some great songs on his own… The best songs here are the sorest and strongest he’s ever written”

“Tom Roger Aadland continues to impress both as a singer and a songwriter.. It would have been fitting that Bob Dylan recorded these songs in English”

“Vulnerability in exquisite lyrics from the rock poet… One of the highlights of Aadland’s career so far”

“Oh, how I look forward to hearing this live!… Give Tom Roger Aadland the Town Hall Square!”