Great review for the theatre concert “Vikla inn i blått” (“Tangled Up in Blue”) at Det Norske Teatret

A Dylan concert for the history books
“At its best, a theatre concert can be experienced as a prolongation of an artist’s life and work. The Bob Dylan show at Det Norske Teatret is such an experience, a smoke-blue, dark enjoyment that conjures the relevance of Dylan’s greatness…Director Eirik Stubø’s visions are executed by an ensemble who has truly let itself be ‛tangled up in blue’…In Aadland’s interpretations lies both the rawness and the poetry, the political and the humanistic, everything that needs no nearer explanation. Aadland’s organic language amplifies the intuitive in Dylan’s songs.”
6 out of 6

Mode Steinkjer, Dagsavisen