Vegar Valde

Review: Bergens Tidende 5/6

“Autumn is coming, my friends, with darkness, death and the never-ending repeated insistence that the Nobel Prize in literature should go to Bob Dylan…No, if you absolutely must turn popular music with a literary vein into some kind of competition, rather give the prize to Tom Roger Aadland…What Aadland has done, is not just translate this treasure of songs into Norwegian, he has even west coast-ified it…There are shimmering fjords of the childhood, trucks roaming the roads, madness in the town square, exactly as we know it…Musically Aadland and the band go even further, with bold and unexpected solutions…A dylanesque harmonica is hardly to be heard, instead it is Aadland’s grainy western dialect that provide the rough edges”

Bergens Tidende 5/6