Obviously Embraced


Alphabet of Love

A – for the angels that did depart
B – for the bitterness instilled in our hearts
C – can’t you see you do me wrong?
D – we’re on a detour from where we belong
E – for the easiness with which you let things be
F – while my poor heart burns in effigy
G – for some gentle rain from above
H – for the hostages of love
I – for the ice-water in my veins
J – for the jaybirds that mock my pain
K – I’ll never be OK on my own
L – for a lever to move that heart of stone
M – for our self-inflicted misery
N – for the never-was and the never-will-be
O – for opened doors back into lock
P – for peace of mind so rare in stock
Q – for the cues you gave that I missed
R – you are the one without whom I can’t go on like this
S – for the silence of your empty chair
T – for the tenderness that we once shared
U – are on my mind, I mourn my loss
V – for a vehicle to get across
W – for the trouble you put me through
X – for the extra time I should have given you
Y – why do these love letters spell so bittersweet?
Z – now the alphabet of love’s complete